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Many of our great journalists made their mark during or after service in the Second World War, among them George Bain, Matthew Halton, Charles Lynch, Doug Fisher, Lubor Zink and W. A. Wilson. In an unpublished personal memoir in the National Archives, Norman DePoe , later the legendary CBC Ottawa correspondent, wrote poignantly about the day the war ended: “There was a magic feeling about that day. We were suddenly eternal: nobody would every shoot at us again, and nobody could kill us now.” (#PowerPrimeMinistersPress p.177)

DePoe with Prime Minister Lester Pearson (LAC).

Anthony Westell (Courtesy Globe & Mail)

Doug Fisher (Courtesy Luke Fisher)

Lubor Zink Photo: Ted Grant, LAC

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Robert Lewis

Twelve years in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, former Editor-in-Chief at Maclean's, Toronto resident since 1982.


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