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How passion for hockey generated big bucks

Eagelson (foreground), Ballard

We have gone over with Eagleson the breakdown of the take from the series: $750,000 will go to Hockey Canada for the TV rights; $1-million to CTV; about $150,000 to agencies for commissions; and $150,000 for insurance, offices and production. Eagleson’s hope is that in addition to the $750,000 guarantee to Hockey Canada, he can add an additional $250,000. This would bring Hockey Canada’s pot to $1 million [$6.8 million today] to be split 50-50 between the hockey body and the players’ association. [Rights holder Ballard-Orr will glean profit of $1.2 million]. The Russians themselves are proving adept at North American capitalism. They propose to sell the television rights in the US for the four Soviet games at $50,000 each. Since only one of them is in prime time, Storer Broadcasting of Boston said no, countering with an offer for $65,000 total. The two sides are still bargaining.

Robert Lewis

Twelve years in the Parliamentary Press Gallery, former Editor-in-Chief at Maclean's, author "Power, Prime Ministers and the Press" (2018, Dundurn; available as audiobook).


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